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Welcome to ServiQ
HR Outsourcing Firm

We are a professionally managed organization offering comprehensive Outsourcing of all HR functions, Compliance Management Solutions, serving customers in the Various Segments such as various Manufacturing units, Large Corporate Houses, Banking & Financial Institutions, Hotels and Health Care Industries.

At ServiQ Business Solutions, we align diversify and intricate various needs of our clients by providing reliable and structured Outsourcing solutions and various other services under one roof. By understanding the significance of aligning above services with business strategies we tend to offer solutions that drive businesses forward

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Our Approach to Ensure Quality and Commitment

Meeting & exceeding customer’s expectations are essence of our expertise. Therefore we make sure right from the start to fully integrate customer objectives in our work flow. Our competitive advantage lies in culture of “Can Do” attitude that relishes change, exploits innovation and ensures delivery. Ensuring quality service is at the forefront of our company philosophy, through our affirmative approach and practices we have been able to add value propositions in our services.
We aim towards improvising our service quality through comprehensive research to reach innovative practices. We are committed towards establishing a leading service solutions that assist in increasing the capabilities of our clients. We strongly believe in building a value for Trust, Integrity and Transparency with our clients so as to develop long term relationships and to adopt flexible approach as per the requirements

What we do

Services We're offering

An organization's compliance with applicable laws, rules, standards, policies, and procedures is systematically examined in a compliance audit.

An HR process audit is a methodical assessment of a company's human resources policies and procedures to determine whether they are effective...

A payroll audit is a methodical evaluation and analysis of a firm's payroll records and procedures to ensure accuracy, adherence to company policy...

Human resources operations or processes are delegated to outside service providers as part of HR outsourcing services, often known as..

Statutory compliance is the act of following and upholding the laws, rules, and statutes established by the state and other pertinent authorities...

Finding, recruiting, and employing qualified applicants to fill open positions within a company is the process of recruitment. Building a competent...

Designing and conducting training is a structured process that involves creating and delivering educational programs to help individuals...

A competency-based Human Resources (HR) system is an approach to managing and developing an organization's workforce that focuses...

Third-party contracts, also known as third-party agreements or third-party contracts, are legally binding agreements made between...


Our Process

Steps of Recruitment
work process

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Understanding the Candidate profile for the required position

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Identifying Role wise competencies

Thumb 03

Screening the candidate resumes as per the profile and required competencies

Thumb 04

Short listing the candidates and sending their resumes to clients for approval

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If approved, lining their interviews – Personal / Virtual

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Doing reference check on client’s request

Thumb 07

Getting the feedback from the clients on final status

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Informing the final decision to the candidates in all cases


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